Helsingin yliopiston erityispedagogiikan opiskelijoiden ainejärjestö

In english

Erikeepperi ry is the organization for students who study special education. Erikeepperi is a small but active organization that was founded in 2004. We like to care for our students in every way we can. We take care of our students rights and organize fun parties and events related to our studies, for example sign language evenings and training on how to face a student behaving aggressively. We also organize specialist lectures and evenings where we discuss topics of current interest in the field of special education. It’s very important for us to offer our students various activities where we can get to know each other and have fun together! Every year Erikeepperi organizes casual get-togethers, parties, sitsit’s and sport and culture activities. Traditional Erikeepperi events are Fuksisitsit in the autumn and Kämppäappro in the spring.

We have had exchange students in our events before, and we warmly welcome everyone! It doesn’t matter if you can’t speak Finnish, we can speak English! If it’s a bigger event and it’s not possible for everyone to speak English one of our members can act as your translator (Everyone is usually very eager to).

If you have any questions you can contact the board of Erikeepperi at hallitus@erikeepperi.fi